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Juan Martin Carrara & Stefania Colina (Uruguay)

Main Maestros of the festival is the already familiar and beloved pair of us Juan Martin Carrara and Stefania Colina. Young, fervent, immensely talented and in love, their dances always cause sighs of admiration. They are also owners of prestigious titles Campeones Intercontinentales de Tango 2009 and Campeones Uruguayos de Tango 2012, the couple constantly performs at festivals in Europe, Asia and America, their students also live in all parts of the world.
Juan Martín and Stefania dance with an immense respect for the tradition of tango and the music. Still they keep working on new forms of expression and their own development in the salon and on the stage. Being extremely popular teachers in Buenos Aires, Montevideo and the entire world, their classes allow one to hear and feel what is most intangible in tango. Their exquisite musicality, charm and sensibility have won them many hearts all over the globe.

Alexander Desyatov & Maria Makarenko (Russia)

Special guests of the festival are winners of Russian and international tango tournaments Alexander Desyatov and Maria Makarenko.
2x finalists of the European Championships 2012 and 2013 in the categories of tango - escenario (tango-show) and tango-salon. Silver medalists of the Russian Championship 2013 and 2014 (escenario) (Milonga of Russia). He is a regular participant in tango performances and concerts of “Tango de Buenos Aires”, “Tango in White Night”, “Tango Passion” in Kremelevsky Palace and Oktyabrsky Concert Hall, “Heat of Buenos Aires”, “Tango flashmob”: TV-project “Dancing planet "and others.
Maestros and special guests of festivals: "Guardia Nueva", "Argentine Holidays", etc.

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Thursday, May 2nd

20:00-00:00 Milonga – Opening of the festival
TDJ: Michael Daniels (Canada)

Friday, May 3rd

20:00-01:00: Festive milonga
TDJ: Jasmin Muranovic (HR/AT)

Saturday, May 4th

21:00-02:00 Gran Milonga of the festival
TDJ: Irina Nekrasova (Russia)

Sunday, May 5th

19:00-23:00  Festival closing
TDJ: Alexey Roschektaev (Russia)